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ISE10, Series PDF
ZSE10/ISE10 compact, digital pressure switch has been reduced in height by approximately 50% when compared to the I/ZSE30A.  Up to 10 slave sensors can be set at once using the copy settings function.  Options include direct mount, panel mount or DIN rail mount, and a choice of 2 piping directions. 
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ISE20, Series PDF

The ISE20 series is a high-precision digital pressure switch offering a simplified selection of the most popular ISE features. This is the first ISE model to introduce the 3 screen, 3-color display. The main screen shows the current measured value in red or green, while two sub-screens can display the setting label and its numeric value in orange. ISE20 offers the lowest current consumption in the ISE family, at 25mA. Further, delay time beween the arrival of the set pressure value and the switch output is minimized to 2.5ms. ISE20 is CE and RoHS compliant, with an IP40 enclosure rating.

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ISE30A, Series PDF

Series ISE30A high precision digital pressure switch (for positive pressure) with two color digital display allows you to choose the setting according to your application requirements. 4 different display settings are available. Abnormal conditions can be detected at a glance.

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ISE40A, Series PDF

The ISE40A series is a high precision digital pressure switch, providing improved functions, performance and variations over the previous ISE40 series.  Abnormal values can be seen at a glance on the 2-color display.  The settings of the master pressure switch can be copied to up to 10 slave pressure switches, reducing the setting work, and preventing mistakes in setting.  Other features include: simple 3-step setting, analog output, wide variety of piping variations, and a power-saving function for MPa-kPa.  The ISE40A is also CE, UL/CSA and RoHS compliant.

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ISE80, Series PDF
The ISE80 series is a digital pressure switch designed to measure fluids such as tap water, hydraulic fluid, silicon oil, lubricant, fluorocarbon, argon, ammonia, carbon dioxide, air-containing drainage and nitrogen.  Some of the features include 2-color indication, select from back piping and bottom piping, the addition of 2MPa and -101kPa types, also low leakage type, water hammer protection, easy operation, and standardization of CE, UL/CSA and RoHS compliance. 
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ISE70/75/75H, Series PDF

The ISE70/75(H) series pressure switches incorporate a large digital display to monitor both coolant and hydraulic fluids. These high performance, yet lightweight, pressure controls are available in three styles: the ISE70 for use with air or inert and incombustible gases (monitoring a set rated pressure range between –0.1 to 1MPa), and the ISE75 and ISE75H models (for use with fluids requiring a set rated pressure of up to 10MPa and 15MPa respectively). Available with Rc, NPT or G1/4 port thread options, and with fixed or selectable MPa or PSI pressure indications, these switches conform to both CE and UL/CSA global accreditations and IP67 enclosure ratings.

PSE, Series PDF

Series PSE digital pressure switches allow pressure to be controlled from a remote location.  Series PSE510 is compact and lightweight, allowing the sensor to be mounted where needed. The use of stainless steel for all wetted parts (SUS630 for diaphragm, SUS304 for fitting) allows the PSE520 pressure sensor to be used in a wide variety of gas and fluid applications.

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IS10/10M/10E, Series PDF

SMC's IS10 pressure switch is 16% lighter, and 11% smaller when compared to the IS1000.  The IS10 is RoHS compliant and CE marked.  Set pressure range is 0.1 to 0.4MPa (optional 0.1 to 0.6 MPa).  Also available are the IS10M (pressure switch with spacer) and the IS10E (pressure switch with piping adapter).

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IS3000, Series PDF

Pneumatic pressure switch series IS3000 can be used for small electrical loads of 10mA such as relays and programmable controllers. IS3000 has a high frequency operation of 1 cycle/sec and a long life of 10 million cycles due to piston construction. Calibration ranges from 0.1 to 0.7 MPa.

ISA, Series PDF

The ISA series is a non-contact style air catch sensor for applications requiring confirmation of work present for machining operations. Due to the construction of the sensor, fluctuations in the supply pressure does not influence operations. The ISA series is IP66 rated and is dust proof and drip proof.

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ISE1, Series PDF

The ISE1 series is a compact, positive pressure switch available in a single setting with hysteresis adjustment, a double setting/double output type or an analog output type with hysteresis adjustment. The ISE1 is lightweight and the optional plug-in connector makes wiring easy and simple.

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ISE2, Series PDF

The ISE2 series is a compact, pressure switch (for positive pressure) and can be integrated with ZX or ZR vacuum systems. The ISE2 series pressure switch has a quick response time of 10mS and the plug connector option makes wiring easy and simple.

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ISE3, Series PDF

The ISE3 series is a digital pressure switch (for positive pressure) with LCD readout for general pneumatics purposes. The ISE3 digital pressure switch allows the calibration of two independent outputs. Modular version can be integrated with ZX system.

ISG, Series PDF

ISG general purpose switch is widely used in machine tool, industrial machines, compressors, chemical plants, power plants, machineries for ships, and for automatic pressure control such as hydraulic, water, liquid and atmospheric pressure.

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PS1, Series PDF

The air checker, PS1 series, electronic pressure switch is available for positive pressure and for vacuum. PS1 is extremely compact and lightweight. Dimensions are 13W X 10H X 30L (mm) for standard type without connection part. A 2-wire switch is applicable to either NPN or PNP output.  The plug-in reducer port for one-touch fittings makes the PS1 series easy to mount, and the large LED display provides a highly visible switch. 

PPA, Series PDF

Compact manometer, PPA series, a compact manometer which takes pressure measurements at anytime and anywhere. It is compact and lightweight and has a back light for easy viewing in dark locations.

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