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Series AV is a soft start up valve for low-speed air supply to gradually raise initial pressure in an air system and for quick exhaust by cutting off air supply.

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Series SJ3A6 is a vacuum release valve equipped with a restrictor to enable flow rate adjustment of release air.  This space saving series is 10mm wide, designed in a cassette type format and uses a card-edge type connector.  The SJ3A6 valves are compatible with Serial Interface units for both CC-Link and DeviceNet protocols.
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Series S070 is a super compact direct acting 2/3 port solenoid valve that meets the miniaturisation needs of analysers, medical equipment and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. S070 is extremely lightweight (5g for valve single unit type) and operation noise is 38dB(A) or less. It is easy to increase or decrease the number of stations (stacking base). Valve width is 7mm.

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Series SY offers major advances in valve performance for cost-effective solutions to your requirements. The series offers high flow with low power consumption in a compact design. The SY is available in body ported or base mounted styles and can be used individually or manifold mounted.

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The SYJ Valve is an innovative combination of space efficiency and performance superiority which provides real value to the design solution. Whether designed in a manifold or used as a single valve, this small profile increases design flexibility and minimizes space requirements. The SYJ valve utilizes a low power (0.5 watts standard) pilot solenoid design, which dramatically reduces thermal heat generation. This improves performance, decreases operating costs, and allows for direct control by PLC output relays. All electrical connections for SYJ Valves are available with lights and surge suppression. SYJ series valves can be configured on base mounted manifolds, or individually on subplates, creating a variety of solutions to meet your broadest engineering needs.

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The VDW200/300 series is a compact, direct operated, 3 port solenoid valve for water, air and vacuum. The use of a unique magnetic material reduces the operating resistance of moving parts, improving service life, wear and corrosion resistance.

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Series VG342 is a 3 port pilot poppet solenoid valve and can be used as a selector or divider valve (external pilot). Actuation is changeable between N.C., N.O., or external pilot types. VG342 is possible to use in vacuum or under low pressures. No lubrication is required.

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VQ valves are ideal for applications requiring high speed, frequent operation, stable response time and long service life. Innovative mounting methods allow valves to be changed without entirely disassembling the manifold. Built-in one-touch fittings save piping time and labor.

VQZ, Series PDF

Series VQZ base mount solenoid valves combine convenience with durability and performance in a more traditional mounting style. Series VQZ Body Ported Solenoid Valves combine flexibility with high performance and long life in an inline body style.

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Series VS is a 3 port direct operated valve with metal seal. Body ported and base mounted styles are available. Multiple pressure supply is possible with balanced spool and sleeve. Any given port can accept high or low pressure supply without affecting the system life or operation. No-lubrication and dry-air operation is possible.

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The VX31/32/33 series is a direct operated, 3 port solenoid valve, for use with a wide variety of fluids. When used in combination with the manifold, configuration can be changed from N.C. to N.O. and from N.O. to N.C. by simply changing a gasket. Valves are easily replaced without changing existing piping.

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The VZ series consists of 3 port solenoid valves with rubber seals. Base mounted and body ported valves are available with standard, flat cable, DIN rail mounted plug-in and non plug-in manifolds. Various options are available. The VZ series is still available although direct replacements for each series have been implemented. See individual series information for replacements.

VCH, Series PDF
Process Industry and PET machine builder’s requests for both 2 and 3 port, pilot operated, solenoid valves, with high pressure performance are now answered with the launch of SMC’s latest Series VCH range. Designed for use with air or inert gas, these new valves can operate up to a maximum pressure of 5.0 MPa thereby substantially exceeding SMC’s existing VXH high pressure series. With large flow passages, and ISO1179-1 conforming port thread sizes of G1/2 to G1, high flow rates are ensured and due to a reduction in the overall volume of the pilot chamber their responsiveness can now only be measured in milliseconds. Additionally, the VCH range offers enclosure protection equivalent to IP65 and a DIN type electrical connector as standard and due to its unique collision-less armature construction, with rubber buffers and urethane diaphragm, early indications have confirmed that the valves operation life time will exceed 10 million cycles. Currently the VCH Series is available in four different valve configurations; 2 port valve normally closed - VCH41, 2 port valve normally open - VCH 42, our 3 port option - VCH410, plus a check valve – VCHC40.
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Customers looking for a compact, light - weight, high flow valve for piloting process valves or actuator applications, need search no longer. Following extensive research and development, world leaders SMC Pneumatics have launched their latest Series V100 - one of the most advanced solenoid valves in today’s market. Designed with a revolutionary magnetic circuit and exterior cover, the V100´s machine free and environmentally friendly construction allows the coil to increase its force by 160%.In addition, energy savings are generated from the valve’s progressive low power consumption. The Standard V100 uses only 0.35 w which is 76% less than comparable valves and the Low Power model uses only 0.1 w, reflecting; dramatic savings of up to 93% compared to existing products. Available in 3, 5, 6, 12 and 24 VDC options, Series V100 has a valve pitch of just 10mm and an overall height and length of 24.7mm and 27mm respectively and is probably one of the smallest pneumatic valves currently available. Weighing in at a mere 12 g and with flow rates of between 8.4; and 24 l/minute, it’s the perfect solution when space, performance and component weight is critical.
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The VV061 series is a direct operated 3-way solenoid valve designed for 4 and 8 station units with integrated compact manifold, valve, circuit board, base and fittings forming a single compact unit.  VV061 series model has an optional power saving circuit that can be used for long-term continuous duty.  This unit is available with one-touch or barb fitting and an optional connector cable with lengths of 300, 600, or 1000mm.
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High flow capacity:Cv1.0 (VP300), Cv2.3 (VP500), Cv4.0 (VP700). Low power consumption: 1.8W(DC).Possible to use as either selector valve or divider valve. Changeable from normallyclosed style to normally open style. Vacuum applicable: Up to –101.2kPa.
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Large Flow Capacity, yet Compact Size. Low Power Consumption. Suitable for Use in Vacuum Applications. 1 Valve, 6 Functions. (Universal Porting) Selective porting can provide 6 valve functions, such as N.C. valve, N.O. valve, Divider valve, Selector valve etc. Manifolded valve can be easily converted from N.C. normally closed to N.O. normally open merely by turning over the switch cover.
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Universal porting. Available for N.C. valve, N.O. valve, divider valve, selector valve, etc. Nl/min: 196. Compact/Width 18 X Length 63 (mm). Low consumption 4W. DC (Standard). 2W DC (Low wattage style). Applicable for vacuum use –101.2kPa. Copper-free specifications standard. The portions that come in contact with fluids do not contain copper, thus enabling the standard product to be used as is.
VKF, Series PDF
Compact with large flow rateBody width 18mm: Nl/min 245 (Standard: Base mounted type) Nl/min 196 (Standard: Body ported type). Can be used for vacuum(–101.2kPa):(valve leakage 1.8 Nl/min or less with He)Can be used in vacuum/release circuits. Universal porting type: N.C./N.O. type can be switched by supplying air to port 1(P) or 3(R).2 way valves and selector valves can also be freely used. Ozone resistant(Series 80-): FKM (fluororubber) is used for the fluid-contact rubber materials, allowing use even in ozone environments. Various manifold piping directions: Output port: Manifold set-up allowing 360° rotation of 2(A) entry direction (in 90° increments). Easy manual operation : Since manual overrides are located in 2 directions, on the top and on the side of the valve, manual override operation is possible unaffected by mounting space and piping direction, etc.
SGH, Series PDF
High pressure coolant valve, series SGH, for high pressure coolant liquid (up to 3MPa/7MPa) is ideal for lubrication, dust blowing and cooling.  Based on SMC's tests the service life is 3 million cycles.  The SGH is available in both external pilot solenoid and air operated types, and has CE accreditation.
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Following Electronic and Semiconductor Industry requests for a compact manifold unit with integral 3-port solenoid valves, we are pleased to launch our new Series VV100 Integrated Manifold Unit. Designed with space-saving and ease-of-use in mind, our R&D engineers have cleverly integrated two single 3-port solenoid valves into each valve station thereby reducing the unit’s overall dimension. By adopting this unique feature, VV100 manifold units can now be built up to 146.4mm in length by simply changing the length of the manifold’s tie rod and by adding or removing the number of plug-in (D-sub connector) or hard wired valve stations. Energy saving has also been considered as individual valves can be ordered with a power saving circuit, reducing the energy consumption from 0.4W as standard; to only 0.15W when using the continuous duty model. And as each valve can be manually turned off, safe maintenance is guaranteed. Series VV100 is suitable for both direct or bracket mounting and can also accommodate various piping sizes including our miniature 2mm one-touch fittings.
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